Nepali NLP Group conducts research and development activities in the field of natural language processing. Our research combines findings from linguistics with methods in machine leaning to develop efficient algorithms to process texts in Nepali.

Broadly, we work in the following areas:

  • Nepali NLP, morphology, parsing

  • Information extraction, data mining

  • Text analytics, social medial analytics

  • Linguistics resource development: corpora, lexicons

  • Clustering Text Documents: TF-IDF Weighting

    by Ingroj Shrestha on Dec. 13, 2017

    This blog post is the first post in the series "Clustering Text Documents". In this blog post, we'll mathematically define the TF-IDF algorithm along with an example and its python implementation.

    TF-IDF ...

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    Tag: Data Mining , Information Retrieval , Machine Learning

    Clustering Text Documents: Cosine Similarity

    by Ingroj Shrestha on Jan. 2, 2018

    This blog post is the second post in the series "Clustering Text Documents". In the previous blog post (Clustering Text Documents: TF-IDF Weighting), we represented a given set of documents as a vector ...

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    Tag: Information Retrieval , Machine Learning